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Neighborhoods U.S.A. (NUSA) is all about neighborhoods. NUSA is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Created in 1975 to share information and experiences used to build stronger communities, NUSA continues to encourage networking and information-sharing to facilitate the development of partnerships among neighborhood organizations, government and the private sector for the ultimate goal of strengthening every neighborhood.

The organizational mission of NUSA has, since its inception, been to build and strengthen neighborhood associations and to promote productive communications and collaborations among those associations with both the public and private sectors. For the past 41 years, the organization has served these broad principles through its annual conference. NUSA's annual conference provides an opportunity for people from all locations, sectors and levels of society to discuss the pressing issues of the times, share experiences and offer assistance, motivation and encouragement.

NUSA is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors, where members are elected annually to staggered 3-year terms to serve voluntarily and at his/her own expense. The Board directs the ongoing business and policy of the organization, provides oversight for the implementation of each years conference and plays a leadership role in promoting both our organization and the work of neighborhood based activism and self-help initiatives.

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Palm Springs is excited to welcome you to the NUSA Conference in 2019 – Opening Doors to the Future. Palm Springs is different. Clear blue skies.
Star-filled nights. Sweet desert air. A mountainside close enough to touch – certainly to hike. So much to see, do, explore…or not…your choice. Sunshine – it makes a difference. And you’ll feel it with the people – friendly, happy, joyful, carefree. Palm Springs.

Relaxing. Rejuvenating. A place to make memories and learn all about the neighborhoods that make us unique. A place in which to hold a memorable NUSA event. Palm Springs…Like no place else.

NUSA 2019
Palm Springs Convention Center
277 N Avenida Caballeros
Palm Springs, CA 92262


February 1 - March 31, 2019: $225.00

Between April 1 and May 3, 2019: $325.00

All payments are final. Registrations may be transferable but NO refunds will be given.

Top Three Reasons to Attend NUSA 2019

  1. NUSA Presenters are leaders, strategists, practitioners and peers. Many of them are currently working directly with their own neighborhoods and cities. Others are well-respected leaders in their communities who know what you want to know. Hear from Neighborhood peers from all over the USA!
  2. Hear Success stories and get ideas from other neighborhood volunteers about how they have successfully resolved issues you are working on.
  3. NUSA packs a lot of learning into a short amount of time but you will also have opportunities to relax and get to know people working in Neighborhoods with similar issues to yours.