Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) is proud to host its 44th annual conference, May 15-18, 2019, in Palm Springs, California, where it will showcase the event’s theme “OPENING DOORS TO THE FUTURE”.

NUSA provides its members with the tools and training to improve and maintain great neighborhoods every year. These cutting-edge workshops provide an education for anyone who is committed to community improvement, whether you’re a grass-roots activist or a professional.

NUSA’s Program Development Committee is seeking proposals from the best and brightest to present workshops on a wide range of topics related to neighborhoods.

Preference is given to proposals that address the conference theme, “Opening Doors to the Future”, in one of the following eight (8) workshop tracks:



Sustainable Neighborhoods
Diversity & Aging
Fundraising & Grants
Neighborhood Leadership
Prepared Communities
Social Action
Proposal Outline

Sustainable - Healthy Neighborhoods: Discover how communities develop new and innovative green initiatives while sustaining and restoring the well-being of current residents. Learn about topics such as land use, green building techniques, community gardens, urban farming, alternative/accessible transportation (including safe walkable and bikeable routes). These workshops will demonstrate how communities are using natural resources in a sustainable manner to address water conservation, carbon foot printing, green building, solar/wind production and storm water management that promote healthy living.

Diversity, Youth and Aging: Programs in this category meet the specific needs of our youth, middle aged and seniors in communities with a focus on inclusive, multicultural, multiracial and intergenerational initiatives. Learn how neighborhoods are involving and bridging generations and closing diversity gaps between racial, ethnic, religious and LGBTQ groups through public policy and community collaboration.

Fundraising: Grants and Government Programs: Applying for program funds and negotiating the application process and/or government regulations can be a daunting challenge. These workshops will provide tools, tips and even some tricks from experienced individuals. In addition, you will hear how other communities have used grants and government programs as well as other public and private fundraising resources to achieve their specific goals.

Neighborhood Leadership: Attracting, engaging and maintaining a strong volunteer pool are essential to the health of a strong community. These workshops will focus on ways to develop and sustain a dedicated volunteer base that promotes as well as nurtures strong leadership. Workshops range from building capacity, skillsets and efficiency for community volunteers and identifying and supporting individuals who can/will become the next generation of leaders.

Prepared Communities: Fire, flood, hurricane and/or earthquake - What are the challenges faced by your community and what steps are residents taking to prepare for natural and manmade crises or disasters? These workshops will focus on how communities prepare for and train residents to meet the challenges of response to and recovery from a local/regional disaster.

Technology: Information is power. Learn how your community can harness the power of technology to communicate information effectively to network and stay connected through social media: Facebook;; Instagram; Twitter; etc. These workshops will focus on how to harness these and other resources to announce events, fundraise and achieve neighborhood goals.

Social Action Close to Home: Workshops in this category will describe creative neighborhood solutions to moral, ethical or political issues or problems. How has your community provided effective outreach to the homeless, indigenous peoples, refugees, newly released inmates, veterans, youth gangs (just to name a few)? What kinds of collaborations are being forged between your neighborhood, city, law enforcement, healthcare providers and religious leaders to benefit the underserved?

NUSA: Get information about the NUSA organization, attend workshops on running for the NUSA Board of Directors, connecting via social media, or becoming an affiliate member. Also watch the presentations for the Neighborhood of the Year and Best Neighborhood Program Award judging.

Please e-mail your proposals to the following address: All proposals must be in MicroSoft Word format and received no later than September 17, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. (East Coast Time) to be considered and must follow the “Proposal Outline” below:

Workshop Information

  1. Workshop title
  2. Description - should be 50-60 words maximum. This will be used to prepare the conference registration and program booklets.
  3. Extended Description - 300 word maximum, including a minimum of three learning objectives.
  4. Primary and Secondary Conference Tracks
  5. Session Format (i.e. debate, clinic, moderated session, panel, etc.)

Proposer/Session Organizer Information

  1. Name, Title
  2. Company/Organization
  3. Address, City, State and Zip
  4. Phone: Daytime, Evening and Fax
  5. Email Address

Panelist Information (list for each panelist)

  1. Name, Title
  2. Company/Organization
  3. Address, City, State and Zip
  4. Phone: Daytime, Evening and Fax
  5. Email Address
  6. Describe experience in presenting this workshop topic. Include academic and/or professional credentials as appropriate.
  7. Describe overall presentation experience. Include a link to any YouTube video that provides an example of presentation skills, if available.
  8. Include statement confirming the panelist is aware of the submission and agrees with the terms and conditions described below.


Workshop proposals must be submitted with the prescribed “Proposal Outline” above. Proposals must be submitted via email and received no later than by 5:00 p.m. (East Coast Time) on September 17, 2018. If we select your presentation, you must adhere to the established guidelines.

Workshops will be held on Thursday, May 16, 2019 and Friday, May 17, 2019. Speakers should be available on both days until an actual workshop time has been confirmed. Your assigned time will be provided to you as soon as possible.

Workshop proposals demonstrating significant audience participation will be given priority. The Program Development Committee reserves the right to merge workshops and panels as it sees fit.

Presenters should limit statements during the workshops. A brief statement, either at the beginning or end of the session is permissible.

We encourage speakers to participate in the entire conference. ALL speakers and panelists are required to pay conference registration fees.

The following AV equipment will be provided in each workshop room: laptop, LCD projector, screens, laptop tables, easels, and markers. Presenters will need to provide anything additional at the presenter’s cost.

Some sessions may be recorded on video. Please give us your permission to record or not to record your session in a written statement.

NUSA and the local organizing host city committee for the 2019 conference reserve the right to combine proposals of similar and/or related workshop topics.

Please direct all inquiries, questions and/or concerns you may have about the terms and conditions to Thank you!